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A952V High Efficiency Variable Speed Gas Furnace

Professionals in the HVAC industry choose equipment built with the highest level of craftsmanship and engineered with the most energy-efficient features available. An Armstrong Air A952V furnace delivers on both counts. Quality construction assures years of reliable operation, and two stage heating technology provides efficient warmth even in the harshest of winters. It’s home heating at its best.

  • EHX Technology Every Armstrong Air furnace is engineered and built with EHX Technology, a patented design that eliminates the hot spots that can shorten furnace life. EHX Technology makes heat exchangers more durable, and with its advanced airflow system, more air contacts the heat exchanger surface area for greater heat exchange, enhancing efficiency and comfort.
  • Advanced Heat Exchanger Made from stainless steel for maximum strength and crimped, rather than welded, Armstrong Air heat exchangers are highly resistant to thermal fatigue and other stresses caused by repeated heating and cooling. During the testing process, they are subjected to temperatures that far exceed normal operating ranges, to ensure they will stand up to decades of use.
  • Two Stage Heating Rather than being all on or all off, your furnace can adjust its heat output based on conditions inside and outside your home. So you use less energy to maintain comfort.
  • Quiet Combustion Technology Uses a smaller Btu input per burner for quieter start-up and operation while providing more even heat distribution.
  • Internal Monitoring Your Armstrong Air A97MV furnace’s electronic control system prolongs system life by continuously monitoring internal components for optimum performance and fault prevention.
  • Variable Speed Blower By changing the speed of airflow, your furnace can adjust humidity levels and create more even temperatures throughout your home, while enhancing efficiency and reducing operating noise.
  • Dual-Fuel The combination of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump pairs two energy sources for the perfect balance of energy efficiency and comfort.
MODELConfigurationInput MBtuHOutput MBtuHAFUECFMDimensions
A95UH2V045B12S 44.0 42.0 95.0 1370 33x17.5x25.4 130
A95UH2V070B12S 66.0 62.0 95.0 1365 33x17.5x25.4 138
A95UH2V090C12S 88.0 84.0 95.0 1360 33x21x24.9 154
A95UH2V090C16S 88.0 85.0 95.0 1770 33x21x24.9 165
A95UH2V090C20S 88.0 85.0 95.0 2020 33x21x24.9 166
A95UH2V110C16S 110.0 105.0 95.0 1760 33x21x24.9 173
A95UH2V110C20S 110.0 106.0 95.0 1955 33x21x24.9 174
A95UH2V135D20S 135.0 126.0 95.0 2055 33x24.5x24.9 188
A95DF2V045B12S 44.0 43.0 95.0 1360 33x17.5x25.4 131
A95DF2V070B16S 64.0 64.0 95.0 1800 33x17.5x25.4 138
A95DF2V090C20S 88.0 85.0 95.0 1980 33x21x25.4 166
A95DF2V110C20S 110.0 106.0 95.0 2010 33x21x25.4 176

Warranty Information

  • Heat Exchanger - Limited Lifetime
  • All Parts for 120 months -

Available Documents

158-16167.pdf (Consumer Literature, Color)
158-16168.pdf (Specification Sheet, Technical Information)
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